Barbara and Gary Hammersley's

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Serving the Midwest with offices in the Canton and Dayton, Ohio areas and always located at your front door anywhere in the United States through the magic of U.P.S.!
We are a Mom & Pop business .... Mom gets the money and Pop does the work. When you call, you talk to the people who are going to design and produce your order. There are no employees drinking "adult beverages" in the back room. We are proud to be a "Small" Business and almost enjoy seeing a smile on your face more than your signature on the check!

PERCEIVED VALUE: Yes, our prices seem too low ... but high prices don't always mean high quality. These awards are priced at the same prices our dealers (we had them all over America until we decided to go direct) used to pay and then they doubled or tripled the price to sell to you.
MASONIC ... but
Check out the sampler of our products on these pages. Since MASONRY is our foundation business, the Majority of the items are shown with MASONIC artwork --- but we are custom crafters --- everything shown can be made to represent thousands of different events and organizations.
All pictures on this and other pages are black & white artists representations of our work ... the real stuff looks a lot better but takes way too long to load.

??? Need a Price Quote ???

For complete pricing or other information, drop us an E-MAIL and be sure to include your name, street address, city, state, and zip. We can't figure a price without complete shipping information. (A phone number and a good time to call would be nice, too!)